Thank you all for making this 1st Edition a big success!
See you soon in 2024 !

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Testimonials from the 1st edition 2023

We loved the Flow. We are 2 fans of the lole white tour, but the Flow Festival was really a blast. We discovered new styles of yoga, we learned a lot and above all we got a taste for it.

Josée B.

For a first Edition, congratulations, it’s a success! I find the people you have brought together magnificent, both the participants and your collaborators. Good continuity!

Maison Forêt

I am delighted with the exhibitor experience at the festival. It was very enjoyable and I liked being close to the action. Many people enjoyed our preparations. Thank you so much for the organization and we look forward to being there for the next edition of this new unmissable event!

Group yoga exercises outdoors Yoga Flow festival DJ et musiciens
Philippe for La Fabrique Végé

Once again, congratulations for this magnificent festival that you put on! You really have something unique and special and I can't wait to see how it evolves over the next few years 🙂

Yoga Flow festival Yogi Molly
Yogi Molly

A huge thank you for organizing this beautiful day !!! It's really nice to have the opportunity to discover the yoga community in our region!!! It was a magical event!

Yoga Flow festival
Amy D.

Many thanks again, it was a wonderful day. We had a blast trying acro yoga, workshops, music and I even won a prize! Let’s do this great event again!

Jessica F.